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GoodDeed makes the complex, simple.

Step 1: Get the information you need on Day One. By utilizing GoodDeed, you collect information up front that help you easily understand what is needed to close a property.

Step 2: Upon completion of our questionnaire, you will receive an assessment of complexity in curing your file’s unique title problems and advice on what forms and documents will be required to achieve ‘clear title.’

Step 3: You’ll also be able to track progress and access all of your completed assessments from the dashboard.

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GoodDeed makes the complex, simple.
What Is GoodDeed?

What Is GoodDeed?

Quite simply, GoodDeed provides instant real estate title solutions.

It understands why title problems originate, asks the right questions to understand the story, mines public data and generates both problems and resolutions.

We hired a team of NASA’s technical writers to work with our SMEs and document hundreds of Title problems and solutions. The solutions follow State Statute and have been reviewed by title attorneys.

This software will allow anyone, assisted by custom technology solutions, to cure a problem Title.

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Got Title Problems?

We’ve got solutions. Use our platform to diagnose, verify, and solve the problems preventing the sale of a home so you can have a good deed and a happy closing.

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Who Is GoodDeed For?

Report is currently only available for professional use. Ask your real estate agent or escrow officer to sign up today.

Home Sellers

  • Give your title company the right information to help you close faster
  • Avoid last minute requests and closing delays
  • Find professionals who specialize in your problem set
  • Understand the title process and potential challenges

Investors And Agents

  • Get critical information from your client on day one
  • Demonstrate efficiency and expertise to your clients
  • Reduce stress by setting reasonable closing time frames with clients up front
  • Participate in resolving title issues to further reduce stress on all parties

Title Companies

  • Eliminate surprises at the closing table
  • Get clients more involved in in solving curative issues
  • Prioritize files and set expectations for closing date early on and identify potential roadblocks
  • Increase client retention with faster closings and streamlined communication

Every industry needs disruption.

Why Trust GoodDeed With Your Messy Title Problems?

Why Trust GoodDeed With Your Messy Title Problems?


Ordinary wholesalers, title agencies, real estate agents and even home sellers are taking advantage of our third party real estate title curing solutions to solve problems they’ve been trying to solve for years.

🢣 14 years in home buying and selling

🢣 30+ combined years in title expertise

🢣 Cleared over 3,000 messy title files

🢣 Raised over $500,000 for technology development

🢣 Bought hundreds of homes from motivated sellers

🢣 Technology made by REAL real estate investors

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The core of everything we do is not just the positive impact that GoodDeed has on your business, but its direct effect on the people impacted most by title problems: home sellers in need. Below is a small sample of how utilizing our simple tool helps change lives, one closing at a time.

Unexpectedly Inherited, Peggy

After my dad died unexpectedly, I needed a way to sell the house as the executor of the estate without inciting conflict with my siblings and family. My family was pleased with the seamless process.

Amazing Service, LaQuita

We inherited the house from my mother who passed away, and none of us wanted to carry on the burden of taxes, HOA fees and the condition of the property… It was easy. You just give them what you have, and they will continue to work on it.

Resolved Title, Alexis

My father had passed away, and we needed to sell an inherited house. There was a reverse mortgage to deal with. I always got a phone call, which made me feel one hundred percent comfortable. I was never out in the dark.