Brian Spitz, Founder

We are disrupting the title industry by solving the unsolvable.

Brian Spitz, CEO and Founder of GoodDeed, has been an entrepreneur and real estate professional since 2005 for Texas based companies that have aided thousands of Texas homeowners in overcoming title obstacles, resolving family conflict and finding the best solution for selling their homes fast.

Over time, we realized that not only was solving title problems one of the most valuable services we provide to home sellers needing unique solutions…

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Brian Spitz, Founder

But It Was Also Our Competitive Advantage....

And, after years of collecting data and evaluating trends, it’s predictable.

Using years of both extensive data and grassroots efforts and experience, we formalized our expertise into systems that can be applied not only to our organization, but to other organizations and individuals as well.

Close to 25% of all real estate transactions need some sort of title curative work before being able to sell and nearly 30% don’t ever close. At GoodDeed, we believe everyone is entitled to a good deed, and our mission is to ensure that 100% of homeowners can successful sell their homes with clear title.  

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Meet The Team

Meet The Team