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TurboTax® For Title

Quite simply, GoodDeed is TurboTax® for title. It understands why title problems originate, asks the right questions to understand the story, mines public data and generates both problems and resolutions. This software will allow anyone, assisted by custom technology solutions, to cure a problem Title.

The Difference Between Title And Deed

In general, title is a legal term referring to ownership of something. Having title means you have ownership of the property. It also means you have rights to use the property. In real estate, that “something” involves a property.

A deed is the actual legal document that transfers the title (ownership) from one person to another.

So then, “title” is the term for the concept of ownership, and the “deed” is the actual piece of paper to represent the concept

How Title Impacts Your Deals

GoodDeed Is A Technology Tool And A Service

GoodDeed is not a title company, but we work with both real estate professionals and title companies to predict and cure title problems.

GoodDeed currently consists of two products to assist real estate professionals and homeowners. First, GoodDeed has a tool. Our developers used technical writers and hundreds of thousands of data points to systematize the manual process of discovering potential title problems, documents needed to close, complexity for closing and potential revenue. This tool is the first of its kind, and can be used for wholesalers and agents to help expedite a sale, or for title companies to diagnose issues from Day 1.

GoodDeed also provides curative services. Once issues are identified, there’s still often significant effort involved in curing specific issues. While this is the seller’s responsibility, title companies usually handle these resolutions since sellers don’t possess the knowledge or expertise needed. Using our curative services lets you focus on what you’re great at: working with sellers and doing more deals. It also allows escrow officers prioritize their work.

Title Insurance

Title insurance is a type of insurance that covers potential damages from errors in the ownership records of your home or property. In most cases, you purchase title insurance when you get a mortgage.

Title insurance protects home buyers from potential losses in various situations. Examples include: unreported and easements (meaning the buyer doesn’t own the property entirely), previously forged ownership, unintentional processing errors and other title defects.

In summary, title insurance protects the new buyer in the future from anything that may have happened in the past to the previous seller. It eliminates the chance that anyone could claim partial ownership from the previous seller’s situation (often caused by the 3 D’s: death, debt, divorce).

Introduction For Wholesalers

Introduction For Title Professionals

Who Can Use GoodDeed

Since we are currently in startup mode, we are taking on limited number of clients to ensure that we have the right number of staff to take care of each of our client needs. Customer service is our highest priority and when we bring you on as a client we want to be sure you have a dedicated Solutions Specialist that can give you and your sellers all the attention needed for a great experience.

Still Accepting Beta Users

Currently we have 10 clients on our waiting list, but cannot guarantee a timeline of when we will be taking on new clients. We will be sure to send you updates as our business expands and our head of Business Development will alert you when you are at the top of the list.

GoodDeed Helps Homeowners

Title issues have a huge impact on everyone in a real estate transaction. Home owners with title issues often encounter frustration when trying to sell their house and may feel powerless when an agent can’t help.

GoodDeed not only makes it possible for sellers to learn more about potential problems, but it also provides a tool for title companies, wholesalers and agents to help expedite the close of their sale.

GoodDeed Helps Real Estate Professionals

GoodDeed helps investors and agents in several ways. First, professionals can use the tool to identify potential title issues and provides a list of documents needed to close. 

This helps escrow officers know where to put their focus, saving time and money for everyone involved in a transaction.

GoodDeed Helps Escrow Officers

As an escrow officer or any title professional, you play a pivotal role in the selling process.

Every title problem can be predicted from Day 1 if you ask the right questions.
We developed the GoodDeed platform to get the full story directly from homeowners and provide you with a quick report of issues and next steps so you can get ahead of the title commitment and make better business decisions. The questions are specially designed to consider things like liens, debts, inheritance – all things that cloud title.